A Portfolio: Behind & Beyond Surface,  2011


This Photographic Portfolio reflects a small yet specific spectrum of images I have taken and printed over the last 20 years in NYC.  A retrospective viewing has altered my original perception and given more meaning to those selected with time.  

Reflecting, though not mirroring the outside world, the images in the Portfolio: 1991 - 2011 are intended to reveal more than their exterior surfaces. 


Moving ON,   2013

A sequel to my retrospective Portfolio covering 20 years, this latest book Moving On is my personal re-engagement with life after three years of grieving over my husband's loss. It is a transitional piece -  to what destination, I'm not sure. But you can count on another book later this year as Creativity is my only way to live fully in the moment.



Finding Freedom: Experiment in Coastal Change,  2016