This marks my entry into the public domain, revealing my private photographic journeys. The sights that captivate me, whether by the light, face, gesture, posture, setting, etc. are visualized first through my eyes and then made permanent via my camera's lens. My wanderings which produce these visual records of my daily life lead inevitably to thoughts. The ideas triggered by these sights become mini- photo essays on philosophical subjects which help me investigate the nature of existence.

Paradox of Finitude

The more one experiences a sense of insignificance and futility the more one is charged with life, joy, fear, compassion. As J. Brodsky spoke at a Dartmouth commencement "In Praise of Boredom":

                               "Passion is the privilege of the Insignificant."

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"She was deprived of presumptions, persuasions, complications, lies, every braided arrangement that made it possible to live."    ---    Don DeLillo in The Ivory Acrobat

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