This marks my entry into the public domain, revealing my private photographic journeys. The sights that captivate me, whether by the light, face, gesture, posture, setting, etc. are visualized first through my eyes and then made permanent via my camera's lens. My wanderings which produce these visual records of my daily life lead inevitably to thoughts. The ideas triggered by these sights become mini- photo essays on philosophical subjects which help me investigate the nature of existence.

A sea change

Taking advantage of a free hour yesterday, I wandered without aiming for a particular destination, open to destiny's random chances with my eyes wide open & my iphone 5 on the ready. 

Starting out at West 25th Street & 10th Avenue, I knew I'd stop off at galleries but without the aid, (or hindrance of preconception) given in the Gallery Guide, I just went where my eyes beckoned. It was a grey and gloomy day, so large airy white cube  spaces seemed anodyne. 

First stop into the new Pace Gallery under the Highline. I skipped by the cutesy sculptures at the east end and was then uncontrollably sucked in by the huge Richard Misrach "On the Beach" photo panels. Their viewpoint from above and at a great distance with miniscule surfers in the wide rippling ocean and beach people on the sand is surreal and distanced me from reality.