This marks my entry into the public domain, revealing my private photographic journeys. The sights that captivate me, whether by the light, face, gesture, posture, setting, etc. are visualized first through my eyes and then made permanent via my camera's lens. My wanderings which produce these visual records of my daily life lead inevitably to thoughts. The ideas triggered by these sights become mini- photo essays on philosophical subjects which help me investigate the nature of existence.

Illuminations - MOMA Rain Room

    pellucid beams of light refract through artificial water torrents

                                          Rimbaud's poetry Illuminations:

rain rm.jpg

                                                                                                 After the Deluge

As soon as the idea of the Deluge had subsided,                                                                                                                                                           A hare stopped in the clover and swaying flower-bells, and said a prayer to the rainbow, through the spider's web.